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Benchwick signs I4F license agreement for 3D wall installation and wall and ceiling click-system

Northann Corp

Jan 12, 2019

I4F license enables Benchwick to extend its vinyl portfolio to walls and ceiling

DOMOTEX HANNOVER, GERMANY – I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced that Benchwick, one of China’s fast growing vinyl flooring producers, has signed an I4F license agreement for the use of installation technologies for walls (3D and flat) and ceilings. As a result, Benchwick is now able to broaden its product portfolio by extending its range of designs and collections to walls and ceilings.

Through this new I4F license, Benchwick will begin the roll-out of vinyl-based 3D walls using a 3D Wall Installation System. This remarkably easy system, enables three different levels of panels to connect for the creation of an amazing 3D effect on walls, offering endless design opportunities and striking results.

Benchwick will also use a click-system for flat wall and ceiling panels, an innovative profile with a flush joint and a space on the long side that enables either concealed or visible joints or a combination of both. These variable joint options enable easy installation and diverse design possibilities on both walls and ceilings.

Suitable for all materials, both installation technologies provide moisture and heat resistant joints.

John Rietveldt, I4F’s CEO, says, “We are delighted to welcome Benchwick into I4F’s exciting world of innovations for beautiful walls and ceilings. With more walls than floors in the world, access to these easy innovative installation systems, via an I4F license, enables manufacturers to enter new markets as well as to expand their product portfolios. Benchwick now has endless possibilities to mix and match its flooring collections to walls and ceilings as well as to launch new products.”

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